Sideswipe Accidents With Big Rig Trucks

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Representing Victims of Sideswipe Accidents with Semi-Trucks & Big Rigs

Sideswipe accidents with semi-trucks have become more common because of the amount of big rig traffic on roads and interstates today. If you have been sideswiped by a big truck, contact the Louisiana truck accident lawyers at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards. We will investigate the accident and work to seek a fair settlement on your behalf.

Passenger vehicles can be pushed off the road, and even into incoming traffic, in a sideswipe accident with an 18-wheeler. A legally operating semi-truck often weighs 80,000 pounds, or 40 tons. This is in contrast to passenger vehicles, which can typically be 5,000 pounds. Trucking companies may try to blame sideswipe accidents on other drivers. The aggressive lawyers of trucking companies and their insurance companies are notorious for minimizing claims, and they could go to any length to limit the value of your damages, even after a truck driver causes an accident due to negligence.

The Louisiana truck accident attorneys at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards won’t let that happen. We aggressively represent our clients and their families. If you’ve suffered from an injury, or the wrongful death of a loved one due to negligence or other circumstances in a semi-truck wreck, we will work to make sure you receive the compensation you need. We know a sudden or accidental loss is an uncertain time, and we are prepared to take on these large trucking companies and fight on your behalf.

Do not allow their insurance companies to blame you for an act of negligence by an 18-wheeler’s driver. Truck drivers have the same traffic laws as all drivers, and their industry is heavily regulated. If you are injured on the road, you deserve to be fairly compensated. Big rigs can have massive blind spots due to the shape of the vehicle and the angle of their mirrors. Truck drivers are trained to merge onto highways and change lanes only when they are absolutely certain the other lane is clear.

A sideswipe accident may happen in these circumstances:

  • Poor driver training leads to a truck driver operating the vehicle in a reckless manner.
  • Drivers are distracted by their mobile phones, radio controls, watching TV, or engaging in other activities which takes their attention away from the road while switching lanes.
  • Drivers are fatigued and don’t realize there is traffic around them.
  • Drivers are impaired by alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs, or stimulants, which affect their perception.
  • Trucks experience a mechanical failure – such as tire blowout or brake failure – that causes either the tractor or trailer to swerve out of its lane.
  • Drivers fail to slow down for bad weather, slick and slippery roads, tight curves, and other poor conditions.

If you were injured or a loved one was severely injured in a semi-truck sideswipe accident, an investigation and other legal action may be necessary to protect your right to seek maximum recovery. Contact us today for a free consultation. Our experienced team of local Louisiana truck accident lawyers can help make your life easier.

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