Verdicts and Settlements

A Lafayette Law Firm With a Proven History of Winning Verdicts and Settlements

$4,600,000,000 Settled against tobacco companies (Firm was member of the LA Private Attorney General Tobacco Litigation Team)

$150,000,000 Toxic tort settled against chemical company and toxic waste disposers

$111,000,000 Class action settled for discriminatory insurance premiums charges. (Firm member was on Executive Committee and Plaintiff Liaison)

$92,000,000 Settlement of pharmaceutical class action (Firm member was on Executive Committee)

$65,000,000 Settlement of railroad derailment and explosion in Eunice, LA (Firm member, cochairman PLC)

$52,000,000 Toxic tort settled against chemical distributor

$40,000,000 Settlement for class of overcharged rate payers of utility services

$42,000,000 Jury verdict in Federal Court for offshore worker who lost both legs below the knees and sustained brain damage (Case reversed on appeal and settled for approximately $24,500,000 in value)

$32,000,000 Jury verdict for survivors of two descendents and for others who received severe burns when their Suburban was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler on I-10 over the Atchafalaya Basin causing their Suburban to explode in flames

$18,500,000 Settlement for about 240,000 utility rate payers for overcharged rates

$10,000,000 Settlement for over 60,000 natural gas customers for overcharges by utility company

$7,500,000 Settlement for an offshore worker who suffered serious injuries when the tail rotor of a helicopter struck him in the head due to negligence on the part of the helicopter operator

$5,000,000 Class settlement for railroad derailment and chemical leak in New Iberia, LA (Firm member was Plaintiff Counsel and PLC)

$5,000,000 Settlement during trial for crane operator hurt when pedestal-mounted crane collapsed

$4,800,000 Settlement during trial for offshore inspector injured in vessel explosion

$4,116,666 Settlement for man who was hit in the head (brain injury) by a blade of a fan in a cooling tower when the fan switch turned on

$3,300,000 Settlement for roustabout who sustained hip and head injuries while working on a platform in Vermilion Bay, Louisiana

$2,996,555 Settlement for diver who was injured in decompression

$2,750,000 Settled “rounding up” class action suit against a cellphone provider, which consisted of a $25 benefit to its customers (3 million customers)

$2,700,000 Settlement for industrial worker when a large pipe fell on his leg (below knee amputation)

$2,700,000 Settlement for motorist involved in a head-on collision sustaining injuries to his head (mild traumatic brain injury) and legs

$2,622,148 Judgment was awarded for commercial diver while saturation diving when he was struck in the eye by a bungee cord as the dive bell hatch was being lowered

$2,562,500 Settlement for surviving adult children of 57-year-old father who drowned following helicopter crash in Gulf of Mexico

$2,500,000 Settlement for company man injured on inland barge explosion

$2,108,192 Settlement for commercial diver while diving at 260 FSW (feet of sea water) and who sustained decompression related injuries

$1,986,520 Judgment was awarded for commercial diver when he was struck by a jet sled in 110 FSW (feet of sea water) and sustained decompression related injuries, soft tissue injuries to his neck, and persistent chronic headaches

$1,725,000 Settlement for commercial diver injured when he fell approximately 10′ from the top of a dive chamber onto the vessel’s deck (mild traumatic brain injury)

$1,715,000 Judgment for person’s common bile duct injured (serious gastrointestinal complications)

$1,570,000 Settlement for Q-Med oiler who was exposed to excessive diesel fumes in the engine room due to inadequate ventilation. Sustained carbon monoxide poisoning resulting in both physical (constant headaches) and mental problems

$1,500,000 Settlement for diesel mechanic injured offshore due to negligence of vessel owner

$1,500,000 Judgment for offshore worker unable to resume his job (microdiscectomy to lumbar spine)

$1,500,000 Settlement for commercial diver injured while diving off the coast of Mexico and sustained decompression related problems

$1,400,000 Judgment was awarded for commercial diver injured when a defective stool he was sitting on collapsed (cervical and lumbar injuries, including persistent headaches and psychological problems)

$1,400,000 Settlement for oilfield worker from Great Britain who fell down a defective flight of stairs on a platform located off the coast of Africa (neck)

$1,400,000 Settlement for driller working on an offshore jack-up rig who was injured when he fell down flight of stairs because the handrail was made of casing pipe which was too large for him to grip

$1,300,000 Settlement for wrongful death of husband/father in offshore platform collapse in Gulf of Mexico

$1,200,000 Settlement for individual who sustained broken hip and broken wrist in an automobile accident

$1,110,000 Settlement for welder who developed chronic pulmonary respiratory problems

$1,100,000 Settlement for a motorist who was involved in light rear-end collision (syringomyelia on cervical spine)

$1,064,600 Settlement for mother and two of her children who were ejected and injured when the van they were riding in was hit from the side by a driver who had run a traffic light

$1,001,000 Judgment was awarded to a motorist due to road defect

$1,000,000 (Estate) – Judgment was awarded and then appeal was won striking down law that discriminated against children on account of their birth status for a young child in a paternity/filiation case involving multi-million dollar estate

$1,000,000 Settlements for slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall victims

*Services for social security disability and worker’s compensation are provided by independent “of counsel” attorneys in our Lafayette office.