Causes of Diving Accidents

Causes of Diving Accidents

If you have been seriously injured in a diving accident or are grieving the offshore death of a family member, you can get the experienced legal guidance you need at our firm. Attorneys at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards, LLC, have decades of experience obtaining fair compensation for commercial divers and other maritime injury victims.

Thorough Investigation of Complex and Disputed Diving Accidents

Exposing and proving the causes of diving accidents is a complex challenge. It is essential to work with an established law firm that makes maritime law a constant focus area — and one with the network of expert resources required to properly build your case. We are prepared to thoroughly investigate potential diving accident causes such as:

• Problems with gas mixtures and breathing apparatus, including tanks, rebreathers and tubes that can lead to decompression sickness (“the bends”)

• Other diving equipment problems caused by manufacturing defects or negligent maintenance, errors in judgment or execution of duties by a dive boat captain, dive supervisor, other crew members or any other involved party

• Other failures to observe appropriate safety measures and respond effectively to any problems that arise before or after a dive

The majority of diving deaths and other scuba diving accidents involve operating outside dive limits, problems with calculation of decompression and other breathing-related matters. However, our lawyers are prepared to pursue all other types of offshore accident claims, such as those resulting in crush injuries, amputations, burns and other harm.

Consult Proven Lafayette Commercial Diver Injury Attorneys

As an oil company employee or other maritime worker, you may be entitled to compensation under the Jones Act. We are also adept at determining third-party fault for diving accidents. Our lawyers will pursue every angle available to help you recover, whether that requires in-depth research and negotiation or taking your case all the way through trial.

We have been tenaciously representing seamen, divers and other maritime industry workers in Louisiana throughout the Gulf Coast region for decades, and we will welcome the opportunity to assist your family. For your free consultation with an attorney, contact us at 337-291-HURT or by e-mail.