Diving Deaths

Diving Deaths

Although commercial divers and their families live with constant awareness that diving is hazardous work, no one can anticipate an accident that takes the life of a loved one. In the aftermath, people overcome by loss and grief need dedicated protection of their legal rights. Our law firm provides families left behind by commercial diving fatalities with compassion, relevant knowledge and determined representation. Attorneys at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards, L.L.C., based in Lafayette, Louisiana, have obtained favorable results across the spectrum of Gulf Coast maritime injury litigation.

Turn to a Respected Leader in Maritime Accident Litigation For Your Diving Death Claim

We will move decisively to investigate all circumstances of a fatal diving accident and assess your rights under the Jones Act and other applicable federal and state laws. Exposing diving accident causes and the negligence that factors into them is a proven strength of our collaborative legal team.

We know how to address all types of oil field accidents and other maritime events, informed by our understanding of:

• The many causes and factors associated with disabling or fatal decompression sickness
• Risks inherent in operating outside dive limits
• Encounters with differential pressure hazards, often resulting in catastrophic injuries or death due to entrapment
Offshore explosions and fires
Equipment failures and on-vessel accidents with fatal consequences
Wrongful death claims and lawsuits under a wide range of circumstances

Serving the Entire Gulf Coast, Including Baton Rouge: Diver Accident Lawyers With Decades of Experience

Your personal challenges are undoubtedly great in this traumatic time. We can help you make sound decisions. Our proven Louisiana scuba diving death and injury attorneys will assess your legal options and offer clear counsel. Our focus is on pursuing fair compensation to address your financial needs, freeing you to focus on personal recovery.

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