Faulty Diving Equipment

Faulty Diving Equipment

Every commercial diver recognizes how critical having the proper equipment, maintained in top operating condition, is to his or her safety. Some equipment problems can be overcome through physical ability, quick reactions and troubleshooting, but others cause serious injuries and tragic offshore fatalities.

Experienced, Accomplished Lafayette Scuba Diver Accident Lawyers

Our Louisiana-based, nationally recognized law firm is a leading resource for dive injury victims and their families. We handle Jones Act claims and third-party lawsuits on behalf of maritime accident victims, including claims based on defective manufacture or negligent maintenance of diving equipment such as:

• All forms of breathing apparatus, including tanks, rebreathers, compressors, tubing and air hoses
• Wetsuits, buoyancy compensators, also known as stab jackets, and other equipment that may factor into differential pressure hazards
• Onboard equipment and the vessel itself

Proven in Investigations, Case Building and Litigation

Our attorneys’ experience investigating diving accidents and other maritime injuries is extensive — as is our work in product liability litigation. We have earned sizable recoveries for commercial divers injured in decompression, in falls, by impact from equipment, and in other on-the-job accidents.

At Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards, L.L.C., we pursue every viable angle to obtain fair compensation for dive accident victims. Proving negligence, establishing liability and demonstrating the total impact of maritime accidents are strengths for our skilled trial lawyers. We provide dedicated personal attention and maintain open communication through every phase of each case.

If your case calls for Louisiana faulty diving equipment injury attorneys, you can put a dedicated, knowledgeable professional team on your side. For your free consultation, contact us at 800-375-6186 or by e-mail.