Recreational Diving Accidents

Recreational Diving Accidents

Diving Accidents Can Be Serious

The term recreational diving may be interpreted several ways. Our distinguished maritime law practice is a leading resource for commercial divers covered by the Jones Act. We are also equipped to pursue serious diving injury and wrongful death claims on grounds other than employer negligence.

If your life has been tragically changed by a Gulf Coast scuba diving accident, Louisiana pool drowning or other such event, we encourage you to turn to our firm for dedicated legal counsel. Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards, L.L.C., founded in 1957, is a widely respected leader in this complex practice area.

Leaders in Investigation, Analysis and Litigation of Offshore Injury Claims

Louisiana recreational diving accident injury attorneys at our firm are prepared to:

• Thoroughly investigate all aspects of a scuba diving or other diving accident, seeking a clear view of causes and exposure of any negligence involved

• Explore and pursue all available sources of compensation in light of relevant laws, available insurance coverage and other factors in your case

• Build the most compelling possible case — or multiple cases — to obtain full and fair compensation for your damages through negotiation or at trial

Our Lafayette-based law firm’s experience extends across the spectrum of dive accident causes, from negligent dive planning to differential hazards and communication failures. We have earned millions in compensation for victims of decompression-related injuries, loss of limb and other disabling dive accident consequences.

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We effectively handle all issues in complex injury litigation, including those associated with comparative fault. Whether you have a claim as a maritime worker, recreation diver injured due to negligence, or a bereaved family member, our caring lawyers are here to help in every way we can.

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