Oil Spills

Oil Spills

Environmental Contamination Litigation Attorneys For Louisiana And The Gulf Coast

The Deepwater Horizon explosion caused the largest oil spill in Gulf of Mexico history, resulting in billions of dollars* set aside for commercial fishing operations, on-shore businesses and property owners who have suffered reduced property values and diminished revenue.

If you are a Louisiana business or property owner who can show financial damages resulting from the BP oil spill, Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards, L.L.C., can help you recover compensation for your actual damages, as well as projected future losses resulting from lost business opportunities.

Louisiana Class Actions And Environmental Claims Attorneys

From offices in Lafayette, our lawyers represent clients affected by the Deepwater Horizon and other oil spills anywhere along the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Call us toll free at 800-375-6186 or contact us by email to arrange a free consultation with one of our experienced Louisiana oil spill attorneys right away.

Categories Of BP Oil Spill Claims

Virtually every type of business in the Gulf Coast region can file for compensation under one of the categories BP has set up for the Deepwater Horizon settlement:

• Commercial fisheries and seafood compensation
• Business startup and failed business economic losses
• Coastal real estate and wetlands property damage
• Subsistence losses
• Boat/vessel damage
• Hotel and hospitality industry losses
• Medical care

The BP oil spill fund is an unprecedented settlement set up to compensate the entire Gulf Coast region. In order to qualify for a claim, you must only show a downturn in business between May and December of 2010.

Why You Need An Experienced Lawyer

While BP says it has made the claims process easy, there are critical factors you will have to show in order to get paid every dollar you are entitled to. Proving the actual financial downturn your business suffered during the oil spill period may be as simple as showing receipts and records from previous years. However, the settlement also covers future lost earnings potential, caused by the negative publicity. The calculation is complicated and getting the money you deserve requires aggressive representation demonstrating future potential losses.

We offer a free case evaluation and handle Deepwater Horizon claims on a contingency fee basis. You will not pay attorneys’ fees if we cannot help you recover compensation. Call us toll free at 800-375-6186 or contact us by email to arrange a consultation with one of our attorneys.

*Source: Deepwater Horizon Economic Settlement