Toxic Torts

Toxic Torts

Louisiana Toxic Tort Attorneys

Some businesses seem to value profits over fair dealing and safety. At Domengeaux Wright Roy Edwards, in Lafayette, Louisiana, we believe that we have the ability and the resources to put together litigation teams capable of taking on big business to protect the rights of persons injured by such businesses.

We have been active in class actions involving toxic torts and consumer litigation for many years:

• As co-lead counsel we helped thousands (who either had cancer or faced increased risk of it) recover nearly 2 million dollars as a result of chemical and other companies disposing of hazardous substances in an unsafe manner at a substandard dump north of Baton Rouge.

• In New Orleans, we successfully represented a class of persons living in a neighborhood surrounding an old chemical mixing and trans-shipment facility that polluted the neighborhood causing or increasing the risk of cancer.

• In another case, we filed a class action on behalf of over 60,000 natural gas customers in Louisiana that claimed damages from overcharges; through our initiative the La. Public Service Commission ordered refunds exceeding ten million dollars.

Currently we are involved in litigation representing a large number of individuals against a brokerage firm alleging deceptive and fraudulent practices on the part of a broker.

Products Defect Settlements and Verdicts

Other Legal Successes

We are also involved in litigation and/or Public Service Commission proceedings involving alleged substantial overcharges to 65,000 consumers for electricity. We have also recently helped negotiate a multimillion dollar settlement to a nationwide class action involving underpayment of oil royalties by major oil companies. The firm has also served as private counsel for the State of Louisiana litigation against the tobacco industry resulting in a $4 billion settlement for the state.

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