Offshore Drilling Vessel Accidents

Offshore Drilling Vessel Accidents

Louisiana Offshore Drilling Accident Lawyers

Special purpose drilling vessels — known as jackup rigs, semisubmersibles or drillships — are needed to drill oil and gas wells in the Gulf of Mexico and in waters in the North Sea, off the coast of Africa and South America. A lot of crewmen live in close quarters for long periods of time while drilling for the oil and gas America needs.

Unfortunately, with alarming frequency, many of these men and women who crew such rigs get hurt due to the negligence of their employer or someone else, or due to the unseaworthiness of the vessel.

For over forty years, our firm has represented hundreds of persons hurt offshore. While no lawyer can guarantee a result, we know what kind of dedication, hard work and resources it takes to successfully settle or try this type of case.

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