Surgical Errors

Surgical Errors

A surgical error can ultimately make the difference between life and death — or between a full recovery and permanent disability. If you suspect that your own or a loved one’s surgery was improperly performed, causing serious complications or a premature and wrongful death, it is important to consult with experienced legal counsel.

At Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards, L.L.C., skilled Louisiana surgical errors attorneys will assess your potential case and offer informed guidance. We take medical malpractice
allegations seriously and pursue the in-depth investigation and analysis necessary to validate our claims conclusively.

Turn to Experienced Lafayette Medical Malpractice Lawyers

You can turn to our long-standing law firm, serving clients statewide and along the Gulf Coast since 1957, for personal attention to your case arising from a suspected or acknowledged surgical error such as:

• Unintentionally cutting or nicking an artery, organ, or other vital body part
• Operation on the wrong body part, often due to failures in preparation or hospital procedures
• Anesthesia overdoses and preventable allergic reactions
• Failure to provide proper postsurgical care essential for preventing a life-threatening or fatal infection

Applying decades of experience, we can qualify your potential claim and call upon eminently qualified physicians and other experts to determine whether the applicable standard of care was violated. Our legal team is adept at building compelling cases that show the total impact of medical mistakes on our clients’ lives and financial prospects.

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