SUV Rollovers

SUV Rollovers

Louisiana SUV Rollover Accidents

At Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards, L.L.C., in Lafayette, Louisiana, we have the experience to handle successfully handle complex SUV rollover accident cases. It is widely recognize that SUV have a greater tendency to rollover than other passenger vehicles. Under current regulations SUV must carry a mandatory rollover warning sticker.

Knowledgeable SUV Rollover Accident Lawyers

Our firm has been handling car accident and truck accident cases for more than fifty years. We understand the design principals that make SUVs more dangerous than sedans and station wagons. One of the key issues that cause SUVs to rollover is their high center of gravity and their narrow wheel base. This design defect combined with high speeds or quick maneuvers, can cause a quick change of weight distribution of the vehicle causing it to rollover.

Statistics on rollover accidents are daunting. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), twenty-two percent of all auto accidents deaths involve rollover accidents. Sixty-two percent of SUV accident deaths were related to SUV rollovers. Equally common in SUV rollover accidents are serious and catastrophic injuries.

Our lawyers are committed to helping victims of SUV accidents recover compensation for their injuries. We have extensive experience working with medical professionals, design engineers, and life care planners to help us determine optimal settlement values in Louisiana SUV rollover case. While we strive to settle cases before trial, we are skilled trial lawyers with the knowledge and experience to effectively present our client’s case to a jury.

We offer a free initial consultation and handle all our Louisiana SUV rollover accident cases on a contingency basis. The risk is ours the rewards are yours.

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If you or a member of your family has been injured in an SUV rollover accident in Louisiana, please contact the Lafayette auto accident lawyers at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards, L.L.C. for a free initial consultation. Our main office is located in Lafayette, Louisiana.