Workers’ Compensation

Workers' Compensation

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

One of the more common types of accidents involving personal injury is an accident that occurs while at work. A special set of laws, as well as rules and regulations, affect an individual when he or she is hurt on the job. An experienced workers compensation attorney can help the injured worker plot a course that best secures prompt medical care and swift recovery of disability benefits.

The employer and their insurers employ various tools and professionals to help them limit their financial liability to an injured worker. As a result, the employee often falls victim to overreaching employers and insurers desperate to reduce their liability at the expense of the injured worker.

Why Should You Hire a Lawyer?

Different laws apply depending on how you are injured at work, the type of work you were performing, where you were working at the time, and who caused your injuries. An experienced attorney can help sort through this maze to make sure the right course of action is chosen.

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act

An injured person’s right to recovery may also be limited if the injury occurred on the job. Typically, an injured worker does not have the right to sue their employer for damages if the accident falls under the Louisiana Worker’s Compensation Act. Recovery is typically limited to medical expenses and disability benefits. However, depending on many different factors, you may have the right to recover personal injury damages against your employer or against third parties.

Occupational illnesses, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, are also covered under the Louisiana Worker’s Compensation Act. An occupational illness can be just as devastating as a work related injury. Special laws apply for the recovery of benefits related to an occupational illness. An experienced workers compensation attorney can help the ill worker determine if they have a compensable work related illness.

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