3 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Louisiana

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What falls under the category of a “personal injury?” It may be an injury caused by someone else, like in a car crash. Or, a doctor might have been careless during a surgery, leading to even worse issues for the patient. Have you suffered a personal injury because of someone else’s fault? You may be owed compensation for the accident. Here are three reasons why you should work with a personal injury lawyer in Louisiana like our attorneys at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards.

1. Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Means You Don’t Have to Face Your Case Alone

A personal injury can blindside you. The injury may cause disabilities, or it may result in losing time at work. Not only could you be left to recover from your injuries and deal with unexpected financial stress. But, you may also have to gather the information needed to move forward with your personal injury claim on your own. However, with the help of a personal injury attorney in Louisiana, you don’t have to face it all alone. Your attorney should know just what you need to file a solid claim, and they should also know how to go up against insurance companies that don’t have your best interest at heart. While your lawyer works through the details, you are free to focus on recovery.

2. Your Lawyer Can Help You Save Precious Time

Any errors with filing your claim can slow down your case or stop it altogether. Your lawyer can help to keep your case on track. The personal injury lawyers at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards can review police records, eyewitness accounts, and medical charts to find evidence to support your case. And, we can handle insurance adjusters and defendant lawyers. Missing deadlines or sharing the wrong information can be harmful to your case. Let us help you avoid errors and lost time, especially while you are recovering from your injuries.

3. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Louisiana Has Experience With Similar Cases

Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards was established in 1957. This means that our award-winning law practice in Lafayette, Louisiana has been in the business for over six decades. With over 240+ years of combined legal experience helping victims of wrongful death cases and a wide range of personal injury claims, we have the knowledge needed to support your case. And, we can help you understand what your claim is worth. No matter how big or small your case is, we can fight to reach the outcome you deserve.

Reach Out to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Louisiana Today

Call or text Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards today at 337-291-HURT (4878) to speak with our personal injury lawyers in Louisiana. You can also send us a message on our website to let us know more details about your claim. Whether you were injured in an accident or are filing on behalf of a loved one, we can help you understand your legal options. Our professionals are experienced in practice areas ranging from motor vehicle crashes to maritime and aviation accidents to defective products and injuries to children. You deserve compensation for your injuries and personal distress. And the negligent party deserves to be held responsible. Get in touch with us today and make the Wright call for your case.

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