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Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC is a Louisiana Class Action Law Firm with a national reach. We have a strong history of involvement in class actions with toxic torts and consumer litigation, with winning verdicts and substantial settlements.

Our Louisiana class action law firm has the resources and experience to produce outstanding results for you in any litigation.

We have a talented and dedicated support staff, and our attorneys take a team approach. Our Louisiana Class Action Lawyers handle complex, high-value claims in multi-district litigation and large-scale class-action lawsuits, and we are proven advocates for victims of corporate negligence.

Experienced Lawyers Helping the Injured in Class Actions

A class action is a form of a lawsuit where a group of people collectively bring a claim to court. When groups of people suffer similar or related losses, a class action lawsuit can be enacted into a single lawsuit.

Federal and state courts have unique procedures that govern these cases. The Louisiana Class Action Attorneys of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC are experienced in these procedures and are dedicated to helping the injured find justice, including through class-action litigation. This type of litigation can make lasting changes for the benefit of consumers.

Filing a class-action lawsuit shows many people can join together to force a penalty on the wrongdoing of a defendant. It also shows clearly that wrongful actions will not be tolerated.

The defendant in a class action lawsuit is typically a huge company or organization, with vast resources and power. These entities often have prominent legal counsel and will go to great lengths to defend their wrongful actions.

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Put Powerful Louisiana Class Action Lawyers On Your Side

The Louisiana Class Action Law Firm of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC evens the playing field in these situations, and we will not be intimidated or pressured by economic or political power.

We believe in the power of class action litigation to deter illegal and harmful behavior, promote justice, and ensure that the free market in our country, which can be dominated by powerful corporations and organizations, serves the public and doesn’t take advantage of consumers.

At Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC, we have been active in class actions involving toxic torts and consumer litigation for many years.

This includes work on the State of Louisiana’s settlement against tobacco companies, numerous other cases valued in the tens and hundreds of millions, and; recently, representation of victims of the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill.

Multi-district litigation (MDL) is ongoing to pursue damages for victims of business interruption and other losses related to this tragic offshore catastrophe.

We Provide Powerful Representation Across Louisiana

Many medical device and pharmaceutical claims are initially handled through multi-district litigation, a process used to handle complex claims that may involve hundreds or thousands of plaintiffs across the country.

A judicial panel decides whether cases should be consolidated, and if so, where the cases will be tried. Having an experienced, highly capable class action attorney is crucial to having a class action suit make it over this hurdle.

The Louisiana Class Action Lawyers of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards; LLC have extensive experience getting plaintiff groups certified as classes.

As co-lead counsel, we helped thousands – who either had cancer or faced increased risk of it – recover nearly $2 million as a result of chemical companies and other companies disposing of hazardous substances in an unsafe manner at a substandard dump site north of Baton Rouge.

  • Antitrust Class Actions
  • Consumer Fraud (False Ads, Loan Fraud, Over-Billing, etc.)
  • Dangerous Drugs & Medical Device Defects
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Securities Fraud
  • Toxic Torts & Class Actions in Environmental Law

Experienced Louisiana Class Action Lawyers

In New Orleans, we successfully represented a class of persons living in a neighborhood surrounding an old chemical mixing and trans-shipment facility that polluted the neighborhood, causing or increasing the risk of cancer to its residents.

In another case, we filed a class action on behalf of over 60,000 natural gas customers in Louisiana that claimed damages from overcharges. Through our initiative, the Louisiana Public Service Commission ordered refunds exceeding $10 million.

We are also involved in litigation and/or Public Service Commission proceedings involving alleged, substantial overcharges to 65,000 consumers for electricity.

We helped negotiate a multimillion-dollar settlement to a nationwide class action involving underpayment of oil royalties by major oil companies. Our Louisiana Class Action Lawyers have also served as private counsel for the State of Louisiana litigation against the tobacco industry, resulting in a $4 billion settlement for the State.

Because of the power of big businesses and their reach, individuals suing these companies on their own would have little chance at victory. Class actions are for when there are many plaintiffs suffering from the same issue.

Sometimes a class action is the only way that those who have been injured or manipulated in some way by a powerful corporation can seek justice. If a product or corporation has harmed you, you are likely not alone.


Over the years, the Louisiana Class Action Law Firm of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC has litigated and been appointed to leadership positions in several large class action cases. Our expertise is in many fields of litigation and class actions, including the following:

  • Antitrust – These types of class actions are filed by consumers who believe they have been forced to pay more for a product or service because of antitrust violations. Overcharging, unfair, and deceptive trade practices – such as price fixing – can appropriately lead to class actions.
  • Consumer Fraud – These types of class actions include a broad range of claims brought under various state and federal consumer protection statutes. They are filed by consumers who believe they have suffered by conduct that can include false advertising, loan fraud, internet fraud, over-billing, and other schemes.
  • Dangerous Drugs & Medical Device Defects – These types of class actions are filed when consumers believe a pharmaceutical manufacturer has ignored safe practices. In certain cases, ‘Bad Drug’ Class Actions have included medications that caused injuries, complications, or side effects that were not warned about. Consumers make informed decisions about whether the benefits of a drug or a device outweigh the risks when all risks have been disclosed, but in certain cases, drug manufacturers and medical device makers may have been aware of dangers with their products before placing them on the market. Our Louisiana Medical Class Action Attorneys have extensive experience in pharmaceutical litigation and other product liability claims.
  • Employment Abuses – These class actions can include issues with overtime, salary, and unpaid wages, as well as privacy rights and other worker protections to ensure fairness in the workplace.
  • Insurance – Insurance class actions can range from insurance coverage issues to complaints concerning discriminatory premium charges and billing. A firm member of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC was on the Executive Committee and Plaintiff Liaison for a $111,000,000 class action settled for discriminatory insurance premiums charges.
  • Product Defects – This type of class action can include a group of consumers who believe they have been injured as a result of a product being defective or dangerous. A common product defect example would be in the category of unsafe pharmaceuticals. Design defects occur in the design of the product that makes it ineffective. Manufacturing defect class actions are the result of substandard construction or workmanship. Defects occur when consumers aren’t properly warned about the dangers of a product.
  • Securities Fraud – This type of class action helps investors who believe they have lost money after an investment they made due to false information by a stockbroker, brokerage firm, corporation, or investment bank. These class actions are also known as stockbroker fraud, investment fraud, and stock fraud.
  • Toxic Torts – Our Louisiana Class Action Law Firm has significant experience and knowledge of toxic torts and class actions in environmental law, representing those who have been exposed to serious injuries due to chemicals, oil spills, and other toxins. Environmental law is one of the foundations of our practice. If you are a Louisiana land or business owner or commercial fishing operation whose property value or business opportunities have been reduced because of the Deepwater Horizon blowout or contamination by any type of hazardous chemicals or toxic materials, our lawyers can help you recover compensation for cleanup, environmental damage, and lost earnings.

The personal injury lawyers that make up Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC are among the most experienced in Louisiana at class actions and complex litigation. We understand the power of groups joining together after they have been wronged to fight large entities, and our legal knowledge and experience give these groups strength.

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