Oil Rig Injuries


Lawyers Who Represent You After a Workplace Injury

The process of seeking repayment for a workplace injury can be challenging and confusing. An experienced attorney can guide oil rig workers or their families through the process and ensure that their rights are protected.

If you have been injured while working on an oil rig due to the action or inaction of a supervisor, coworker, third-party contractor, or even the company itself, you need strong legal representation.

Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC has been helping injured offshore workers for over 65 years and has the experience necessary to handle these types of claims. Rather than facing your claim alone, let us help reach the best possible outcome.

Common Causes of Oil Rig Injuries

Oil rig workers face many dangers while working offshore. Not only do they work in potentially dangerous working conditions, but they may also be required to use heavy machinery and perform physically demanding tasks.

Common oil rig injuries include:

  • Burns from heat, fire, or chemicals
  • Fractures and broken bones from heavy machinery or falling objects
  • Repetitive motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel and tendinitis
  • Hearing loss due to loud equipment
  • Injuries resulting from a lack of training
  • Back injuries, such as herniated discs, sprains, and strains
  • Respiratory issues due to chemical exposure
  • Slip and fall injuries from high decks or on wet or uneven surfaces
If you've suffered oil rig injuries on the job, our lawyers will fight to protect your rights.

How Oil Rig Workers Benefit From Experienced Representation

If you have been injured due to someone else’s fault while working offshore, you should seek legal representation. An attorney can investigate what caused your injury and determine who should be held responsible. This may be an employer, a co-worker, a third-party contractor, or a manufacturer of defective equipment.

Your lawyer from Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC can work with insurance companies and employers to ensure that you receive the fairest and highest payment for your injuries. This includes payment for medical costs, lost wages, and other damages.

What Does a Worker Lose From an Oil Rig Injury?

A worker can suffer many life-altering losses following an oil rig injury. This can include:

  • Loss of wages and benefits
  • Job termination
  • Lasting disability or disfigurement
  • Medical expenses
  • Or even a loss of life

We Protect Louisiana Oil Rig Workers

After suffering an injury in an oil rig incident, workers should fight for full workers’ compensation. This can provide financial support to cover medical expenses and lost income, protect workers from unfair treatment, and ensure fair payment. 

Unfortunately, a business does not always look out for the rights of its workers. The business’s insurance company may offer a lower payment than the victim deserves or even deny a claim. And in some cases, employers may take actions against workers who file workers’ compensation claims. This may result in job loss or demotion.
With over 65 years of experience in personal injury law, our firm represents workers and fights hard for the justice they deserve. Don’t go up against insurance companies alone. Choose the law firm that Lafayette trusts.

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When disaster strikes, you need representation you can trust. Taking on insurance companies or the responsible party on your own can result in lower payments or denied payment. Partner with lawyers who will fight to get you the largest payment for your injuries.

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