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It’s dangerous working for a railroad company or carrier, and the law treats those who work on railroads differently than employees in other industries. If you have been injured while working on a railroad, the Louisiana railroad injury lawyers at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC can help you obtain the fair compensation you deserve.

Railroad workers are covered by The Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), a federal law applicable in every state requiring railroad employers to compensate employees who are injured on the job. It was apparent to the government when the law was enacted in 1908 that railroad workers faced risks and dangerous working conditions —as they still do today.

Congress addressed railroad injury claims by allowing them to file FELA claims for damages in either state or federal court. It is a workers’ compensation law set up by the federal government to protect railroad workers when they are injured on the job.

This does not eliminate the need for a railroad worker injury attorney.

We Protect the Rights of Injured Railroad Workers

Railroad injuries can be caused by dangerous working conditions, hazardous materials, inadequate safety measures, equipment failures or malfunctions, improper supervision, or human error. The FELA takes a fairly unique approach to compensating injured workers, although the Jones Act offers similar protections to seamen.

Railroads run throughout Louisiana. There is work and maintenance done on the rails throughout the year, and our Louisiana Railroad Worker Injury Lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced. We will fight to fully protect your rights under the FELA if you’ve been injured.

The FELA can provide for fuller compensation than is typically available under Louisiana Workers’ Compensation laws. It also requires proof of negligence on the part of employers. It is crucial that you protect your claim by enlisting the full-service Louisiana Railroad Worker Injury Attorneys of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC.

Railroad Workers Need Experienced Lawyers

Many railroad employees in Louisiana are uncertain of their rights and the liability of their employer under the FELA. You can find those answers with the experienced Louisiana FELA Lawyers of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC.

Railroad employers aggressively defend claims made by injured Louisiana railroad employees. Injured workers are protected by provisions in the FELA, but you need your own aggressive, dedicated representation. Our Louisiana Railroad Worker Injury Lawyers help workers like you get the FELA benefits you deserve.

Working on a railroad is certainly dangerous, but it is the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe place to work. You deserve well-maintained tools to complete your responsibilities, safe operations, and for your superiors to not take negligent actions which can cause you injuries.

Committed to Railroad Workers & Their Families

There are safety statutes and rules in place to protect the workers who do this important work. While FELA was intended to protect railroad workers, once you have been injured on the job, the railroad employer or carrier will have teams of lawyers and claim agents protecting their interests.

It is a claim agent’s job to minimize the railroad’s liability. If you have suffered an injury at work, be sure that you and your loved ones have recovered from the grief and shock before taking any action, making any statements to your employer, or making any decision that can damage your claim.

A serious railroad injury can disrupt every part of your life – your ability to work, your health, your finances, and your ability to enjoy your family. Take a moment to consider all that has happened and consult with our Louisiana Railroad Injury Lawyers. We have knowledge of the railroad business and the experience to protect your rights.

Getting You the Compensation You Deserve

The Louisiana Railroad Injury Attorneys of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC will work hard to help you get the compensation you deserve so you can heal, restore your finances, and regain your quality of life.

Our Louisiana FELA Attorneys are prepared to help injured railroad workers pursue full compensation for the injuries they have suffered. Our experienced trial attorneys are not reluctant to go to court if necessary.

Throughout our law firm’s long history, we have represented injured Louisiana railroad workers in Baton Rouge, Eunice, Lake Charles, Lafayette, Alexandria, and other communities across the state.


Railroad workers face dangers and risks every day on the job and can sustain injuries in many different ways. Some of those include:

  • Work catastrophes
  • Injuries caused by violations of safety codes
  • Injuries from heavy lifting, bending, and other tasks
  • Train and vehicle collisions
  • Occupational illnesses due to exposure to chemicals and fumes
  • Hearing loss due to excessive noise
  • Slippery or greasy work surfaces, resulting in slip and fall injuries
  • Dangerous work conditions
  • Disabilities caused by cumulative trauma, vibration, or repetitive stress

The laws of FELA cover many situations that can lead to an injury, including those caused by the train itself, at the railroad crossing, while working on the rails, or injuries sustained in the train yard. But you must prove your work-related injury is the result of the railroad employer’s negligence.

FELA law is complex, and you must know your rights to take full advantage of its protections. Our Louisiana Train Injury Attorneys are FELA law experts.


There is no case too difficult or complicated for the Railroad Injury Lawyers in Louisiana.

Our Louisiana Railroad Injury Lawyers are focused on helping people like you recover an onsite injury. If you have been injured on the job, contact Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC for a free consultation about how we can assist you with your FELA claim.

We are very knowledgeable in all railroad issues and claims. There are protections for railroad employees, as well as contractors and subcontractors, such as The Federal Rail Safety Act.

Anyone injured while working for one of the railroads or carriers in Louisiana would have a FELA claim, should report their claim, and should then seek the advice of a Louisiana Railroad Injury Attorney.

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Whether you are seeking compensation for your own injury as a railroad worker or on behalf of a loved one, or you need help with a FELA appeal, the experienced Louisiana railroad injury lawyers with Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC can provide you with an honest assessment of your case.

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If you or a family member has been injured while working on a railroad, or if you are searching for more information about the Federal Employees Liability Act (FELA) or the Federal Railroad Safety Act (FRSA), contact the Louisiana railroad injury lawyers for a free consultation at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC by calling toll-free 1-800-375-6186 or locally at 337-291-HURT.

Our dedicated trial attorneys have helped railroad workers throughout the state. For over six decades, we have helped injured clients in Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Lafayette, New Iberia, New Orleans, and many other communities. We can help you.

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