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If you have been injured while working offshore, you need experienced Louisiana offshore injury lawyers to help you get the compensation you deserve.

The Louisiana offshore injury lawyers of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC take tremendous pride in our understanding of the maritime industry and our ability to represent you.

A substantial part of our practice for over six decades has been dedicated to representing clients who have been injured while working offshore and helping those who have lost loved ones in Louisiana maritime and offshore incidents along the Gulf Coast and worldwide.

Offshore Injuries Demand Experienced Lawyers

Offshore injuries and maritime laws can be extremely complex, far more complicated than other personal injury cases or workers’ compensation claims. The impact of an offshore or maritime injury can be catastrophic.

Experience and knowledge of vesselsplatforms, structures, the different types of offshore catastrophes that can occur, and how these apply to federal and state laws are important for all Louisiana offshore injury lawyers to have a deep background in.

Too often when a maritime worker is injured while on the job, an employer and its insurance company attempt to pressure the injured employee, deny compensation, or offer a low settlement.

You need the experienced representation of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC looking out for you.

We Send a Strong Message for Our Clients

In many cases, an insurance company will offer a settlement before the victim is aware of the full extent of their injuries and while they are distressed about medical bills and other mounting costs.

We will send a strong message that you intend to be treated fairly and you want to recover the maximum possible compensation for your injuries and suffering.

Trust the Louisiana offshore injury lawyers of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC to handle your case.

Types of Offshore Catastrophes & Injuries

Working out on the water, within inland waterways or on a vessel or offshore rig – or servicing them on the shore – with heavy machinery, complicated tools, and in difficult conditions demands specialized training and a dedication to safety protocols.

The Louisiana offshore injury lawyers of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC represents workers with all types of offshore and maritime injury claims, including:

  • Asphyxiation in enclosed spaces
  • Chemical burns
  • Falls overboard
  • Slip and falls on deck
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Fires and explosions
  • Back, neck, hip, and leg injuries
  • Commercial fishing catastrophes and injuries
  • Dock and pier injuries
  • Drug and alcohol-related injuries
  • Maritime worker deaths

Pay No Fees Until We Help You Get Compensation

Our firm handles most maritime cases on a contingency fee basis. When you retain the Louisiana offshore injury lawyers of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC, you will not pay any fees or costs unless and until we are successful at helping you get compensation.

To schedule a *free initial consultation, please contact the Louisiana offshore injury lawyers at our offices in Lafayette at 337-291-HURT or by e-mail.

The Louisiana offshore injury lawyers of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC represent injured workers as though you are part of our family.


We understand the difficulties that come from an offshore catastrophe and can help secure the appropriate compensation for your injuries.

Our law firm has the resources and knowledge to fight these large companies, protect your financial future, and allow you the time to rest and recover. We make house calls to clients who are unable to leave their homes after an injury.

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Help for Injured Louisiana Offshore Oil Workers. Call 337-291-HURT for Louisiana Offshore Injury Attorneys


Offshore oil platforms are located in dangerous environments. Serious injury or death can occur in several ways. They can happen from injuries on:

Catastrophes can occur while workers are being transported to the platform, from diving injuries, due to mistakes with the equipment used on the platform, or from fires and explosions.


The Louisiana offshore injury lawyers of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC represent injured clients and family members of offshore and land-based oil and gas workers who have died in fatal catastrophes.

Many we have helped come from catastrophes and injuries in the oil and gas industry. The U.S. Energy Information Administration documents that many of the nation’s largest oil fields are found off Louisiana’s coast. A large share of the federal oil production from the Gulf of Mexico comes ashore in Louisiana.

Maritime workers make this possible. Often, they need to be protected after negligence, mistakes that are made, or they are operating in unsafe working conditions when corners are cut to boost profits.


The Louisiana offshore injury lawyers of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC are committed to protecting the hard-working folks who make all of our lives more comfortable.

Put our experience on your side and get the help you deserve. We will fight for your rights. Our Louisiana offshore injury lawyers have represented injured oil workers, rig service workers, deck hands, crewmen, divers, and inland water workers.

It is crucial to speak with experienced Louisiana offshore injury lawyers as soon as possible following a work-related injury. Make the Wright Call.

We will work diligently to ensure employers are held accountable by paying the maximum amount for your injuries.

If you are injured while being transported to an offshore oil platform or while on any movable platform, you are not covered by state law. The laws that apply to those injured or killed while working offshore are different from those that apply while working on land. Your injuries are covered by maritime law. Under maritime law, you could have claims under the Jones Act, or general maritime law. The Louisiana Offshore Injury Attorneys of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC know what steps to follow and how to help. We may have to prove liability against your employer, a third party or the vessel. Though complicated, this is vital to your health, family, and livelihood. It takes a dedicated team of Louisiana Offshore Injury Lawyers working for you.

Our Louisiana Offshore Injury Lawyers have decades of experience in the Jones Act, general maritime law, personal injury law, and workers’ compensation law. We have represented our clients against corporate teams, in-house counsel, and powerful insurance companies and have a significant record of success while representing offshore workers injured on the job.


Our Louisiana offshore injury lawyers have obtained many significant verdicts and settlements.

We have been recognized by our peers in Louisiana and beyond with honors such as inclusion in U.S. News and World Report’s Best Law Firms 2018 and The Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers.

Our firm handles most maritime cases on a contingency fee basis. If you retain us, you will not pay us any fees or costs unless and until we are successful at helping you get compensation.

To schedule a *free initial consultation with the Louisiana Offshore Injury Attorneys, please contact us at our offices in Lafayette at 800-375-6186 or by e-mail. Make the Wright Call. Today.

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