Louisiana Lay Barge Accident Lawyers

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Louisiana Lay Barge Accident Lawyers Helping Injured Workers Get Maximum Compensation

After wells are drilled offshore, the gas or oil has to be piped to shore or, if produced onshore, often has to be piped across bays or lakes. These pipelines are usually laid by a lay barge. Pieces of pipe are welded together on the barge, releasing (laying) the long continuously welded pipeline down behind the barge as it moves forward.

It is hot, hard and often dangerous work.

Usually, the people who work on these barges as welders, crane operators, riggers or mechanics are considered seamen and have special protection under the federal Jones Act. Our Louisiana lay barge accident lawyers are experienced in all aspects of federal and maritime law.

Our Louisiana lay barge accident lawyers have successfully represented persons injured on lay barges in the rivers, canals and Gulf of Mexico, Mobile Bay, and even in waters near the Philippines Islands.

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