Maritime Injuries And The Jones Act

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Maritime Injuries and The Jones Act

If you have been involved in a maritime accident while working on a barge, towboat or tug, it is important to act quickly if you are considering legal action. Maritime law claims can have a set time limit that prohibits you from going to court after the statute of limitations has passed.

Speaking with an experienced maritime and boat injury attorney as soon as possible can give you the best opportunity for securing compensation for maintenance and cure as well as other damages you’ve suffered.

A unique set of laws can apply to a maritime injury simply because it occurred in or over the water. Whether you were injured while working on an inland waterway, were employed offshore, or on a commercial fishing boat at the time of your maritime injury, the experienced maritime lawyers at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards may be able to assist you in recovering compensation under the Jones Act.

The Jones Act statute of limitations is three (3) years from the date of the accident. After that time period is up, there is the risk of forfeiting your right to compensation for your injury. Acting quickly is critically important.

At Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards in Louisiana, we have more than six decades of experience representing maritime workers injured in the line of duty. While our maritime injury lawyers primarily represent clients in Louisiana and the Gulf South, our firm is able to assist with Jones Act claims originating from other areas of the country.

We can help you with Jones Act claims. We will provide a free evaluation of any maritime claim of injury or death anywhere on any river or offshore injury, where a ship or boat crew member was injured. If the company refuses a fair settlement, we will file a lawsuit if necessary. We file claims against the owners and operators of towing vessels and tugboats, charter vessels, tankers, passenger and cargo vessels, barges and fishing ships, crew support and supply boats.

Working as a crewmember on barges, fishing boats, tugboats and ships are among the most dangerous jobs in the region. Serious accidents occur that result in life changing injuries and sometimes death. These are sometimes called maritime or admiralty or “maintenance and cure” cases. Our lawyers are highly experienced in all aspects of maritime law.

A court could consider ships of many types, such as towboats, fishing vessels and pipeline barges, to be in navigation for Jones Acts claims. The key to seaman status is employment-related connection to a vessel in navigation.

If you were injured as a crew member of a riverboat, towboat, or tugboat, or a member of a crew of any commercial boat, you’re likely covered by the Jones Act for maritime workers. Let us help you file a successful claim.

The Jones Act

The Jones Act was established in 1920 as part of the Merchant Marine Act. The Jones Act addresses the rights of workers injured on the water. It allows injured vessel workers and offshore workers to secure a larger financial recovery than they typically would under workers’ compensation.

How a Jones Act Admiralty Lawyer Can Help You After A Maritime Injury

The Jones Act does not give a detailed description of what determines boat worker and vessel status. In cases involving maritime injuries, offshore or shipping companies, as well as their insurance companies may dispute your eligibility to receive benefits under the Jones Act.

Having our strong legal advocates on your side is important, not only to protect your rights but to assist in proving that your employer’s negligence caused your accident and injury.

Compensation under the Jones Act may include damages for pain and suffering and lost wages, as well maintenance and cure.

Our attorneys can handle every part of your maritime accident case while you focus on healing. Contact our experienced maritime attorneys for a free consultation. We handle all maritime accident cases on a contingency basis, which means you will not pay court costs and case expenses unless we win or settle your case. We are experienced personal injury attorneys who understand the needs of maritime clients and work with top experts to investigate and prepare cases when necessary.

Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards handles Jones Act and maritime injury and death claims for clients in Louisiana who are injured while working inland and offshore, whether in rivers, tributaries or in the Gulf of Mexico, including in Lafayette, Louisiana, Broussard, Louisiana, New Iberia, Louisiana, Lake Charles, Louisiana, New Orleans, Morgan City, Louisiana, Franklin, Louisiana, Scott, Louisiana, Abbeville, Louisiana and Youngsville, Louisiana.

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