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The Boat Injury Lawyers of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC have decades of experience representing injured seaman and maritime workers throughout Louisiana, the United States, and internationally. Maritime injury claims can be extremely complex, including proving negligence or unseaworthiness to maximize your recovery after an injury. Our Louisiana Jones Act Attorneys are prepared to help injured boat workers navigate these federal laws and obtain the benefits they are entitled.

The Jones Act is the legal statute that protects injured maritime workers who qualify as Jones Act seamen. This includes commercial fishermen and others who work on boatsdrilling shipsbarges, and other vessels. As a worker on a boat or barge that is in navigable waters, you are likely a Jones Act seaman. Seamen work in dangerous conditions and over long hours. Because of the demanding work you do, the Jones Act requires the owners of vessels to pay a seaman for his or her medical care and living expenses when an injury or illness happens. These benefits are called “maintenance and cure.”

As a seaman, you could also recover lost wages, as well as damages for pain and suffering you experienced due to an injury – in addition to any pain and suffering from the medical treatment and recuperation from the injuries. The Jones Act also has provisions for future lost wages, medical expenses, and if necessary, vocational training. Some of these awards are mandatory for an injured seaman and are not dependent on if the employee was at fault. Negligence or an unseaworthy condition can be caused by a fellow crewman, the company that operates the vessel, or the equipment on the ship.

General Maritime Law also provides recovery for seamen on ships for unseaworthiness. If you have been injured on a boat or barge, working offshore, as a commercial fisherman, or in a port loading ships and cargo, you have special rights as a maritime worker. While maritime work is demanding, and injuries are possible, injured workers or surviving loved ones should seek compensation for their sufferings or losses. You are entitled to a safe workplace. Our attorneys understand your jobs and how injuries could have been avoided. Our law firm has been successfully representing Louisiana maritime workers since 1957.

For those who don’t qualify as seamen but who work on docks or in shipyards, shipping terminals, and ports near navigable waters, due to the demands of your work, you are covered by the Longshoreman and Harbor Workers Compensation Act.

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If you have suffered an injury while working on a boat, ship, or barge, you need an experienced Port Fourchon Boat Injury Attorney. The Louisiana Jones Act lawyers at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC will fight to protect your rights.

Our Louisiana offshore injury firm has been dedicated to protecting those who have been hurt or disabled while working. From deck hands and barge workers to commercial divers, we understand the complexities of maritime law  and we can help. We will work to make sure you are compensated to the full amount for your injury and the unrest it has caused in your life.

Our award-winning maritime injury lawyers prepare each case diligently for the courtroom to get the highest compensation for you. We have the resources to consult with industry experts and launch detailed investigations to support your case. After an injury, you can expect your employer to mobilize a risk management team of attorneys against your case. Our dedicated staff and experienced attorneys will be on your side, and we make your fight our fight.

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