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Louisiana Car Crash Attorneys: Recovering Millions for Victims of Injuries Involving Cars

The Louisiana car crash lawyers of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC are proud to have over six decades of experience representing car wreck victims. We have helped people from Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, New Iberia, and communities throughout the state.

Since Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC was established in Lafayette in 1957, Louisiana has grown dramatically. There are more roads, more people, more vehicles, and some of the heaviest traffic in the nation on Interstates such as I-10, I-49 and I-20.

With that congestion there are also more serious motor vehicle collisions.

Other Automotive Case Types Include

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The Louisiana car crash lawyers of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC are compassionate toward all injury victims. Being involved in a motor vehicle wreck can leave innocent victims with serious injuries and lasting emotional and psychological trauma.

The insurance claims process following an automobile wreck is often confusing. It can be difficult to know how to protect your legal rights.

If you are in doubt about whether you need the help of top Louisiana vehicle collision lawyers, you owe it to yourself, and the people who depend on you, to get in touch with us today for a *free consultation.

We Fight Aggressively for You

As compassionate as we are toward the people we represent, when an insurance company is attempting to avoid providing fair compensation after a collision, our Louisiana car crash lawyers will fight for you.

We protect the people we care about who have been injured after acts of negligence or carelessness. The Louisiana car crash lawyers of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC protect people like you. Make the Wright Call.

The driving conditions in Louisiana are often treacherous with bad weather and poor road conditions. Louisiana also annually ranks near the top of a list with a troublesome title: The State With the Worst Drivers in America.

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In recent years, Louisiana drivers have ranked first several times in recent years in crash-related data gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

At the same time, Louisiana’s Interstate system experienced a 43 percent increase in vehicle travel from 2000 to 2014, the highest growth rate in the nation.

Holding Those That Injure You Accountable

The mission of our Louisiana personal injury lawyers is to hold the people who injure others accountable.

Medical procedures and bills, prescription medication, lost wages, disability, hospitalization, property damage – such as the destruction of your vehicle – and rehabilitation costs can add up for you and your family.

It is critical that your available recovery after a motor vehicle wreck be maximized. consultation with the Louisiana car crash lawyers at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC is always *free, and our legal fees are included in your settlement—meaning our assistance comes at no out-of-pocket cost to you.


We take the time to understand what a client wants from the legal system after going through such a traumatic event. Maximum compensation is the goal for our clients when there have been difficult times filled with the pain and financial and emotional struggle that can follow a serious car wreck.

The worst car accidents result in a loss of life because of another driver’s negligence or vehicle equipment that wasn’t properly maintained.


There are some clients that want a settlement that enables them to simply move on with their lives or just get the best medical care for their recovery.

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Your first step should always be to get the medical assistance you need if you have been involved in a car wreck.

Even if you are not sure how serious your injuries are, you should see a doctor, describe the collision and your symptoms, and take his or her medical advice.

To protect your rights, you should never consider settling your car crash claim until you have either fully healed or reached the maximum level of medical improvement.

You should also contact a Louisiana car crash lawyer right away to discuss your options.


When a car wreck victim attempts to negotiate with an insurance company without legal representation, their personal injury claim can be damaged by strategic errors.

Under Louisiana law, if your claim cannot be amicably settled with the insurance company, you must file a lawsuit within one year of your collision or all of your rights to recover damages will probably be lost.

The Louisiana car crash lawyers of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC have handled hundreds of car wreck cases throughout the state.


We know how to investigate these claims in order to maximize the potential of the settlement. If a claim can’t be settled fairly, we will work to construct a strong and successful case for you in court.

We will carefully investigate every aspect of the car crash, as well as the injuries and losses you or your family have suffered. We will research and document the important facts of the event.


Our team of Louisiana car crash lawyers will work with your doctors or medical specialists to determine the treatment needed so you recover to the fullest extent possible. We also calculate your lost wages and place a value on your pain and suffering in your claim.

Our experienced Louisiana Personal Injury lawyers will work to help you get the medical care and compensation you deserve, and we will keep you up to date on the progress of your case throughout all its stages.


Our team of skilled Louisiana car crash lawyers has the latest technology, and we utilize specialists in collision reconstruction, highway safety, investigations, and life planning.

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Key Factors in Louisiana Car Collision Investigations

The Louisiana truck collision attorneys of Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC advise you not to negotiate with the semitruck company or their insurer. They will not have your best interests in mind, and insurance adjusters for truck companies are skilled at investigating trucking crashes and negotiating claims. Insurers are never looking out for victims, but our experienced Louisiana truck crash lawyers are standing by and ready to help. Semi-truck drivers and tractor-trailer owners should be held accountable when they are at fault for a collision.

Trucking collisions may happen when:

  • Large 18-wheeler blind spots prevent a big rig driver from seeing surrounding cars.
  • Quick moves, overcompensating, or dangerous conditions cause a tractor trailer to tip over.
  • Defective equipment or malfunctions, such as neglected brakes, keep an 18-wheeler from stopping effectively.
  • A sleep deprived or otherwise impaired truck driver loses control of the vehicle.
  • Negligently maintained roadways. Not all U.S. roads are suitable for trucks.

At Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC, our Louisiana truck collision attorneys investigate every detail of a crash when a trucking company, for whatever reason, fails to live up to its legal duties to operate its fleet safely. Trucking companies have a long list of obligations, including screening and testing its drivers, tracking the hours they work daily and weekly, keeping equipment in good working order with regular maintenance checks and repairs, and ensuring loads are properly contained and secured.

On any truck, these responsibilities may be handled by a different company. Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC will identify every liable party in your truck collision case, pursue each insurance company, and fight for the maximum compensation for you. These companies can and should be held liable for any resulting damages. These factors make a trucking wreck increasingly complicated and demand experienced legal representation.

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The Louisiana car accident lawyers with Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC have obtained many substantial verdicts and settlements for our clients in motor vehicle collision cases.

Our knowledge of Louisiana laws, experience with local courts, contacts with medical professionals, and legal experience set us apart from other personal injury law firms.


We know how to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf – and file lawsuits if necessary – to fight for full and fair compensation. Depending on the case, we either work on getting a fair settlement for your injuries or will take your case to trial.

We are experienced at handling vehicle cases involving all types of claims and issues, including the following:

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