Proving the Extent of Your Injuries After a Lafayette Auto Accident

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Proving Your Injuries After A Lafayette Car Wreck

When serious auto accidents occur, you need a Lafayette auto accident lawyer to rigorously represent your best interests and fight for the justice you deserve. Negotiating with at-fault parties and car insurance representatives after you have been injured can be a lengthy and difficult process. To obtain financial compensation following a car accident, you will need to prove a number of factors. These include proving:

The Lafayette car accident lawyers at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards will thoroughly evaluate the facts and evidence of your case in a free consultation. As your attorneys, we will work with investigators to establish that another driver’s negligent behavior caused the accident and the injuries that you have suffered from the wreck.

We also work with medical experts and financial planners to show the extent of your injuries and the current and future costs to you. Our goal is to obtain fair compensation for victims of car accidents through negotiation, and if necessary, litigation in court.

It’s important to know you aren’t alone. Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of injuries in the United States annually, with 2.5 million Americans going to the emergency department in an average year.

The more evidence you have to prove your case, the better your chances of being fully compensated for your losses. After showing the other driver was to blame for the wreck, victims must also show how seriously they were injured. Car accident compensation can be based on:

  • Past and future medical bills.
  • Income lost due to missed work, or a decline in earning power.
  • Pain and suffering experienced by the victim.
  • Evidence of these damages will include:
  • Medical bills, such as doctor’s visits, fees for physical therapy, chiropractic visits, surgeries, and any other treatments for care.
  • Medical records for X-rays, MRIs, CT-scans and other tests.
  • Testimony of medical experts.
  • Photos of injuries.
  • Employment records.
  • Testimony from economists, financial planners and life care planners, who can testify on earning potential, expected career and life span, as well as the cost of medical care after catastrophic injuries.
  • A pain diary or accident journal. It is easy to forget important details about an accident with an injury in the weeks and months that follow, and sometimes a case with serious injuries can be lengthy. If you are considering filing a personal injury claim it is very helpful to your case to keep a journal documenting your injuries, doctor’s visits and rehabilitation, and everything you remember about the accident.

With the help of an experienced Lafayette car accident lawyer, collecting this evidence can help create a detailed view of how the injuries you have suffered have caused you, as the victim, to experience significant financial loss, physical damage, and distress emotionally.

If you have been injured in an accident, you have the right to be upset and demand justice, particularly if the other driver was at fault. Dealing with an insurance company can sometimes be as upsetting as the accident. We can help you.

Put your case in the hands of Lafayette auto accident lawyers who will fight for the best possible compensation for your damages. We’ll make your fight our fight, and we’ll charge you nothing unless we win.

Our award-winning lawyers specialize in motor vehicle accidents and personal injury law. We have been helping people get fair compensation after they have been injured in car accidents in Lafayette, New Iberia, Jennings, Opelousas, Lake Charles, Breaux Bridge and communities across Louisiana for decades. We treat our clients like family.

Call us today at 337-291-HURT, or statewide at 800-375-6186.

We invite you to a free consultation with one of our experienced Lafayette auto accident lawyers so we can learn more about your vehicle accident, and how we can help.


Let us do a FREE Confidential Case Review. We can make the Wright difference.


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