Common Cases for a Plant Injury Attorney in Lafayette

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Working at an industrial, manufacturing, or chemical plant can be an especially dangerous occupation. Without the right level of training, supervision, and safety practices—an accident on one of these plants can lead to severe injury or even death. Have you been a victim of a plant injury or wrongful death? If so, you may be owed compensation for your pain or loss. Here are some examples of common plant injuries, their causes, and how a plant injury attorney in Lafayette, like Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards, can help you find justice.

What Injuries Can Occur at a Plant?

There are plenty of risks that come with working on a plant or refinery. From operating heavy machinery to working around serious chemicals or fire hazards, it is especially important to have the proper standards for onsite safety. But, several factors can lead to injuries or death on the job site. Some of the most common types of accidents on plants include:

  • Explosions
  • Fires
  • Slips and Falls Off Equipment
  • Chemical Burns
  • Inhaling Toxins
  • Injuries from Machinery
  • Lock out/tag out failures

Injuries from these accidents can be devastating. A victim of a plant injury may lose wages, live with a physical disability, or wrack up hefty medical bills—but an attorney from our firm in Lafayette can help you to recover your losses. However, it is important to review the causes of your injury first.

There are many reasons dangerous accidents may occur in a chemical plant. And often, the fault does not only lie with the worker. If an employer or their safety man fails to adequately train their team, accidents and damage are much more likely to happen. Likewise, a reckless coworker can cause an injury or even the death of other employees. A plant injury attorney in Lafayette can help defend cases resulting from the following:

  • Practices in violation of OSHA
  • Negligent training or hiring
  • Unestablished safety practices
  • Dangerous working conditions or defective machinery
  • Reckless employee actions or staff supervision

If your injury or the death of a loved one has occurred due to any of these accidents or causes, get in touch with us as soon as possible.

How Can Your Lawyer Assist After an Injury?

You deserve compensation for your damages, including the reimbursement of your medical bills, lost hours, and your grief and suffering. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you or a surviving loved one may be eligible for a personal injury case, workers’ compensation, or a wrongful death claim. But, taking on these claims alone can be difficult. From gathering information to communicating with insurance companies that don’t have your justice in mind, many factors are stacked against you when fighting for a fair settlement. An experienced plant injury attorney from Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards in Lafayette knows how to take on difficult insurance companies and compile the right evidence to defend your claim. With our help, we can work to maximize your claim for the fairest settlement possible.

Find the Support You Need from a Plant Injury Attorney in Lafayette

Don’t wait to contact a plant injury attorney to help with your case! Time is of the essence when it comes to maximizing your claim. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a plant or refinery accident, a personal injury attorney from Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards in Lafayette is prepared to passionately and aggressively take on your case. Give us a call at 337-291-HURT (4878) to speak with a member of our team. Or, send us a message with your questions. Together, we can help you achieve the best outcome for your claim.

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