Why Is it Best To Hire a Lafayette Lawyer After a Car Accident?

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After suffering an injury in a car accident, it is essential to find the legal help you need. The best way to handle a personal injury case after a car crash is with the help of an experienced Lafayette lawyer! Choosing the right lawyer for your case is an important decision. With over 60 years of combined experience in personal injury law, the experienced attorneys can deliver strong, compassionate care as you recover from your injuries. Here’s how our firm can assist.

Your Lawyer Can Communicate With the Guilty Party and Insurance Companies

Going back and forth with the person responsible for your car collision can be exhausting. This can be even more true when dealing with insurance companies and adjusters. These individuals can delay your filing, attempt to invalidate your claim, or may try to decrease the amount your settlement is worth. For the best possible care and defense in Lafayette, consider seeking the aid of a car accident lawyer. The personal injury lawyers at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards are prepared to handle any problems the guilty party may throw your way. Those responsible for your injuries should be held accountable. Our lawyers can help to build a solid claim and fight for the payout you deserve for your injuries, losses, emotional exhaustion, and more.

An Experienced Lawyer Can Help Determine the Settlement You Deserve

Insurance companies and their insurance adjusters may try to talk you into a smaller settlement than you are entitled to. This protects their profits while taking away from the compensation you are owed. Don’t let the insurance companies convince you to settle for less than you deserve. The award-winning attorneys at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards have over 250+ years of combined legal experience litigating personal injury cases. Case values are typically determined by the severity of an injured person’s physical/emotional injuries and whether the injury is temporary or permanent. Past and future medical bills related to the injury as well as wages you have lost during your recovery are also factors. The inability to help your family with basic household tasks like lawn care, child care, and house cleaning due to your injuries is also taken into account. For the best chance at getting a fair settlement, let our experienced team help you determine the total amount you are entitled to.

Handle Your Defense the Best Way Possible With a Lafayette Lawyer

Insurance companies and guilty parties don’t always fight fair. You deserve the best care and support from your defense, so why not contact a Lafayette car accident lawyer to help? If you have been injured by a reckless driver, let our experienced attorneys fight for you. Don’t let their careless behavior result in pain and loss. Contact our law firm to set up a free consultation today! Call us at 337-291-HURT (4878), or send us an email through our website. Tell us about your accident and your injuries, and we will discuss your options. From investigating your case to handling tough conversations for insurance companies and medical staff, we are ready to support you every step of the way.

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