Will My 18 Wheeler Crash Lawyer in Lafayette Work With Insurance Companies?

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If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a trucking accident, you deserve compensation from the business’s insurance company. But, the insurance company will likely not make it easy to get the settlement you deserve. If you contact the insurance company on your own, they may do what they can to decrease the value of your settlement, if they choose to offer you one at all. Why risk your chance of a fair settlement when an 18-wheeler crash lawyer from Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards in Lafayette could handle the case? Learn more about how your attorney can help.

Your Lawyer Can Build Your Case

While an insurance company is your main channel for receiving payment for your truck accident claim, communicating with them may not be an easy task. An insurance agency will attempt to disprove your claim or negotiate a much lower payout. Not only can they invalidate the details of your claim, but they may use confusing legal language to do so. An experienced attorney can keep you from falling victim to tricky language or intimidation. And, they can give you the manpower needed to gather the evidence needed to support your claim. An 18-wheeler crash lawyer from Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards can handle communications with the insurance company to ensure that the details of your case are appropriately delivered and defended.

Skilled Negotiation is Key

Negotiation strategies are important parts of the job for insurance adjusters. The purpose of their tactics is to have you agree to the lowest possible settlement. From using your lack of knowledge against you to fishing for statements that can damage your claim, facing an insurance company alone can put your settlement in danger. An 18-wheeler crash lawyer will start by working with you to fully understand your accident, Lafayette traffic and highway laws, and the value of the damage sustained. They will not only fight for repairs to your vehicle, but also seek compensation for any additional expenses like medical checkups, pain medication, and time missed at work. Then, they bring their own negotiation tactics into their communications with the insurance company. We won’t let a company intimidate you or decrease the value of your settlement!

We’ll Go to Court for You

Accidents involving a semi-truck or other big rig can result in extensive expenses or grief for the victim. For instance, there were 4,119 pedestrian fatalities in 2019 due to big truck accidents. If a loved one passed as a result of a collision with a semi-truck, you deserve an experienced lawyer to fight for you in court. But, the trucking business’s insurance company is not likely to pay the full amount without a fight. This is where your 18-wheeler crash lawyer can aid in your case! If a lawsuit is necessary, your attorney can bring your case to court. This is often due to how severe your injuries are, if the accident resulted in a loss of life, or if the settlement is low or not offered at all. Your lawyer has the expertise needed to defend your claim on trial and help you get the compensation your case deserves. Rather than taking your case to court on your own, let our skilled attorneys give you the support you need.

Let an 18 Wheeler Crash Lawyer in Lafayette Handle the Communication

Get in touch with a skilled 18-wheeler crash lawyer in Lafayette from Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards! Our firm has fought for the rights of the injured and grieving since 1957. Give us the opportunity to review your case and build your strongest defense. Call 337-291-HURT (4878) or send us a message. Make the Wright call, and let us take on insurance companies for you.

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