How Our Plant Injury Law Firm in Lafayette Helps Injured Workers

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Serious accidents and injuries happen more often in chemical plants and refineries than one might think. While explosions and fires are common causes of injury, disability, and death, these are not the only dangers workers face on the job. When employees suffer an industrial accident, they may be entitled to compensation from their employer. Let a plant injury law firm like Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards in Lafayette help you recover the highest settlement possible!

What Are Common Plant Injuries?

Common types of plant injuries involve blunt force trauma or repetitive injuries. This can be caused by falling from equipment, ladders, or being struck by a falling object. Repeated lifting and repeated movements can also cause muscle strains and sprains. And, this can prevent an employee from working. In unsafe work settings, employees may also be at an increased risk of slips and falls, broken bones, chemical burns or exposure, and even death.

Workers injured on the job in a refinery, factory, or industrial plant deserve a strong defense to recover compensation for their injuries. With the help of a lawyer, workers and families can get money back for missed paychecks, to cover hospital payments, and even for emotional pain after an industrial accident. With the help of an experienced plant injury law firm, injured workers in Acadiana can find the support they need when pursuing an injury claim.

How Can a Plant Injury Law Firm in Lafayette Help After Your Injury?

Workers who are injured while working at an industrial plant should seek the help of our experienced law firm in Lafayette. Together, we can help you tackle a workers’ compensation claim. The attorneys at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards are well-versed in personal injury law and regularly represent workers who are injured in workplace and industrial plant incidents. Since these working environments can be especially dangerous, it is not uncommon for workers to have moderate to severe injuries on the job. And with the support of our legal team, you can have a better chance of maximizing your settlement.

Workers’ compensation insurance protects workers from financial strain after suffering an injury or illness in the workplace. If a workers’ compensation claim is approved by the employer, the worker will receive cash benefits or medical care for their injuries. However, employers or the plant’s insurance company may try to minimize the amount of your settlement. Let our plant injury law firm in Lafayette fight for the highest payment possible.

Our attorneys handle the difficult details of pursuing a workers’ compensation claim for you. While you recover from injuries and the trauma of your accident, we interview witnesses of the accident, handle document filing, and even communicate directly with your employer and the insurance companies involved. We know how to avoid common pitfalls that may damage your case, and we also know when to push back against a low settlement offer.

Trust us with your case! Per Louisiana Statute of Limitations ​​RS 23:1301, workers must alert an employer to their injury within 30 days. Then, your workers’ compensation claim must be filed within one calendar year of your accident. If you have been injured while working in a plant, refinery, or on a construction site—don’t lose valuable time. Consult with us as soon as possible!

Reach Out to Experienced Professionals in Personal Injury Defense

Don’t wait to seek legal guidance after an industrial accident. Whether you have personally suffered a plant injury or are the surviving family, our law firm in Lafayette is ready to passionately defend your case. Give us a call or text as soon as possible at 337-291-HURT (4878) or send us a message. Our initial consultation is risk-free and free of charge. Our award-winning lawyers are ready to review your case!

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