How Can a Wrongful Death Attorney in Lafayette Prove Your Claim?

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There are no words to describe the death of a loved one due to another’s fault. In addition to grief, the surviving family may be left with even more challenges. This is where a wrongful death attorney in Lafayette may be able to help you get justice. Parents, adult children, or spouses can file a wrongful death claim after the loss of a loved one. Louisiana law states that the surviving family of a person who died due to the fault of another has up to one year from the date of death to file a wrongful death case. Learn how an attorney from Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards can help.

Your Lawyer Must Prove Negligence Was Involved

The factors that led to the wrongful death of a loved are important for strengthening your claim. Proving the guilty party was negligent in causing your loved one’s death requires the building of evidence to prove their negligence. For example, evidence may include a driver’s breathalyzer results being over the legal limit, proving that poorly maintained construction equipment contributed to unsafe conditions, or securing critical incident video footage before it is lost or destroyed. Regardless of whether this shows that an at-fault party is entirely or partially at fault, evidence is needed to strengthen and prove your claim.

A Breach of Duty Must Be Supported By Evidence

Another facet of a wrongful death claim is the presence of a breach of duty. This means that a professional, supervisor, or other higher-up fails to provide the right level of care. This can include a doctor giving the wrong medication or poor care to a patient. Or, a taxi driver may fail to observe proper road safety. Their actions or inactions can lead to the death of their patient, client, or passenger. A wrongful death attorney, like ours in Lafayette, can help. We’ll work to find documentary evidence and firsthand accounts to support and prove your case.

The Surviving Family’s Losses Must Be Valued

After abruptly losing a loved one, the surviving family may be left with debt and stress. It is within their rights to legally file a settlement against the responsible party. But how much is your claim worth? A wrongful death attorney in Lafayette can help you determine the amount of money that you should be owed. This total includes more than just hospital bills. This includes emotional pain and suffering along with funeral costs, as well. Your lawyer understands what should be included in your total amount and can help fight for the highest payout possible.

Let a Wrongful Death Attorney in Lafayette Pursue Your Case

If you have lost a loved one to wrongful death, contact an attorney from our law offices in Lafayette. We know that recovering from this unexpected grief is a long and difficult process. Our attorneys are here to provide you with the support you need on the road ahead. Contact us today to set up a free case review. You can call us at 337-291-HURT (4878) or send us a message. Our lawyers have been supporting victims of injury and wrongful death since 1957. Choose an attorney who puts your needs first and supports you every step of the way.

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