Do I Need a Trucking Accident Attorney in Lafayette if I Go to Court?

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You’ve been in a crash with an 18-wheeler or a box truck. After filing a claim with the trucking company and their insurance company, you get pushback on receiving compensation for your injuries. Now, you are considering taking your case to court. But, do you represent yourself? Or, should you work with a trucking accident attorney in Lafayette for better representation? Learn why it can be in your best interests to partner with a skilled attorney from Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards.

You Could Represent Yourself—But Is That the Best Idea?

Trucking accidents can have devastating results. After a crash, your vehicle may have serious damage. Or, you may be forced to look for a new car altogether. There could also be severe personal injuries involved that lead to time away from work, medical injuries, or even the death of a loved one. If you or a loved one have been in a trucking crash, contact a trucking accident attorney in Lafayette as soon as possible. Rather than facing the hardships of filing a claim and going to court alone, work with someone you can trust with the finer details.

You may be wondering if you can represent yourself if your claim is sent to court. While this is an option, this may damage your case in the long run. Insurance companies will often do everything possible to cut down your claims. And they are ready to take advantage of a victim’s lack of legal knowledge if given the chance. There is also a greater risk of sharing information or emotions that could hurt your case.

If your trucking crash claim requires you to go to court, don’t face the system alone. Representing yourself is not worth the risk of possibly lowering or losing your settlement. Choose an experienced trucking accident attorney who can strengthen your defense!

Your Attorney Understands Formal Court Proceedings

Working with a local trucking accident attorney can help you navigate state and local laws. This ranges from your local statute of limitations—or the timeframe you have to file your claim—to firsthand knowledge of the Louisiana court system. Since each court has different procedures, you will want to work with a professional with experience in a variety of local court settings. A trucking accident attorney from Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards in Lafayette knows how to gather and present evidence to defend your claim.

In addition to knowing how to speak to the court, your attorney knows how to share information with you, too. Legal terms and practices can feel nearly impossible to understand. This is where your attorney can help break down confusing terms and simplify them. It’s important to stay on the same page as your lawyer. They can help you keep up with each piece of information that comes your way.

Work With a Trusted Trucking Accident Attorney From Lafayette

Understanding the law is complicated, and this can be even more difficult when representing yourself in court. Why not simplify the legal process with the help of a trucking accident attorney in Lafayette? After a truck crash, one of the skilled lawyers from Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards can come to your aid. With our knowledge and experience, we can work toward getting you the compensation you deserve.

Reach out to us as soon as possible by phone or email. For a confidential consultation with one of our lawyers, give us a call at 337-291-HURT (4878). Let us learn more about your case and determine how we could help.

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