How Louisiana Maritime Lawyers Help the Injured

Maritime injuries can be devastating. After an offshore injury, it is important to have an experienced attorney protecting your rights. If you or someone you love has been injured in a maritime incident, you may be entitled to money for your losses. As a law firm in Lafayette representing maritime injury victims, Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC provides legal aid and guidance to the injured. We fight to recover damages for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, wrongful death, and more. Our attorneys understand the laws impacting these types of injuries and can help victims recover damages from those responsible. In this blog post, we’ll explain more about how our maritime injury law firm in Lafayette assists victims.

What Is a Maritime Injury? 

A maritime injury is any injury that occurs on navigable waters. These include rivers, bays, oceans, and lakes. The most common types of maritime injuries include boating collisions, oil rig explosions, offshore injuries, sinking ships, passenger injuries, and recreational watercraft incidents. Our maritime injury law firm assists Lafayette victims by providing sound legal advice and representation following a maritime incident. 

What Is the Jones Act?

The Jones Act is a federal law that allows maritime workers to sue their employers for personal injury or death occurring on the job. The act, which passed in 1920, provides a legal avenue for seamen and other maritime workers who are injured due to their employer’s negligence to receive compensation. Under the Jones Act, injured seamen can seek damages such as lost wages, medical costs, pain, and suffering.  These damages can also include a monetary amount for the responsible party’s actions that caused the incident. 

Additionally, even if a mariner was partially at fault for his/her own injury, they may still be entitled to some form of compensation. This legal protection makes it much easier for maritime victims to receive payment for their injuries. The Jones Act has been instrumental in protecting those who have been injured or killed on the job due to their employer’s negligence.

How a Maritime Injury Law Firm Can Help Louisiana Victims

Maritime lawyers are responsible for providing legal services to those who suffer maritime injuries. This includes filing claims for damages caused by the injury as well as representing clients in court if necessary. A lawyer will also investigate the incident in order to determine who is at fault for the damages suffered due to the injury. Additionally, they may be able to negotiate settlements with the responsible parties or their insurance companies in order to receive compensation for their client’s losses.   

Searching for a Maritime Injury Lawyer?

At Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC, our experienced maritime attorneys have been helping those injured offshore since 1957. We understand how difficult these situations can be. And we take pride in protecting our clients’ rights while helping them get the justice they deserve. If you or someone you know has been injured due to a maritime injury, don’t hesitate to contact our office today. Call 337-291-HURT (4878) or contact us online. Make the Wright choice. We make your fight our fight.