How Can an Offshore Injury Attorney Help Recover Damages?

If you work in the maritime industry, injuries can happen anytime and anywhere. Workers in offshore environments are exposed to dangers including vessel collisions, fires, explosions, slips and falls, electrocution, and more. These injuries can occur on oil rigs, platforms, commercial vessels, and other maritime vessels. When an offshore injury occurs, workers need to get the legal advice and support of an offshore injury attorney in Lafayette. With their knowledge of the Jones Act and maritime law, you can increase your chances of reaching the resolution you deserve. Learn how the lawyers at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards can help.

The Jones Act and Its Importance for Maritime Workers

The Jones Act, also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, provides protection and compensation to maritime workers who have been injured on the job. It is a federal law that grants eligible workers the right to recover damages for their injuries caused by their employer’s negligence. The Jones Act allows injured maritime workers to file a lawsuit against their employer for damages related to medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and more.

The attorneys at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards have a deep understanding of the Jones Act and how it applies to our clients’ cases. Your legal rights can be complex and involve multiple areas of law. Our lawyers are prepared to fight for your rights and help you understand your legal options.

How a Lawyer Can Help Injured Workers or Their Surviving Family Members

Hiring an experienced offshore injury attorney in Lafayette can make a considerable difference in the outcome of the case. A seasoned lawyer can provide the guidance, support, and representation that injured workers or their surviving family members need to seek justice and get fair compensation for their losses. 

An offshore attorney can help to:

  • Investigate the injury and gather evidence
  • Negotiate with insurance companies and employers
  • File a claim under the Jones Act or other maritime laws
  • Determine the full extent of damages resulting from the incident
  • Represent clients in court if necessary

Keep in mind—workers covered by the Jones Act are given three years to file a lawsuit. However, if you don’t file within this time frame, you may lose your right to seek payment for your injuries. If you’ve been injured offshore, it’s important to act quickly to protect your legal rights.

An Offshore Injury Attorney in Lafayette Can Fight for Your Rights 

Offshore incidents can be diverse and deadly. Victims of offshore injuries may experience bodily harm, emotional damage, financial losses, or even a loss of life. Additionally, navigating the legal landscape after an offshore injury can be overwhelming. So, finding an experienced offshore injury attorney to help you through the process is essential. The attorneys at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards have years of experience, knowledge, and dedication to help you fight for justice and receive the compensation you deserve. 

Have you been injured in an offshore incident? Or, are you a surviving family member of someone who has suffered an offshore injury or wrongful death? You should contact an offshore injury attorney in Lafayette. The attorneys at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards can provide a free consultation to discuss your situation and help you determine your best options for moving forward. Call 337-291-HURT (4878) or send us a message today.