Louisiana Technical Diving Accident Lawyers

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Louisiana Technical Diving Accident Lawyers Helping Injured Technical Divers Obtain Maximum Compensation

Danger and risks are everyday realities for technical divers. Physical discipline and experience are not always enough to prevent an accident, and diver safety is dependent on many factors. Although decompression sickness is perhaps the most prominent risk associated with “tec diving,” injuries and fatalities also occur in run-overs, accidents aboard dive boats and under other circumstances.

Such traumatic events in technical diving accidents typically call for a claim for compensation under the Jones Act or other laws.

Experienced, Determined Lafayette Scuba Diving Injury Lawyers

With decades of experience earning sizable recoveries in maritime accident and injury litigation, our firm is a leading resource for technical divers and grieving families throughout the Gulf Coast region. We understand the nuances and procedures involved with decompression diving, Nitrox or mixed-gas diving, cave diving, wreck diving, and other advanced technical diving pursuits.

Comprehensive investigation is often the only way to determine the causes of a technical diving injury or death. Errors in judgment or execution by a boat captain, dive supervisor, technicians or others may have occurred.

Serious commercial diving accidents and tragic diving deaths have also been traced to defective breathing apparatus and other faulty equipment, necessitating action against a manufacturer.

Skilled Case Builders, Negotiators and Litigators on Your Side

We perform the research and enlist the qualified experts necessary to expose the truth — and to demonstrate the full impact of diving accidents on victims’ lives and futures. Our knowledge of all relevant federal and state laws, backed by extensive trial experience in multi-million-dollar cases, could prove a critical asset for your recovery.

Louisiana technical diving accident injury lawyers at our firm will put your interests first, beginning with a free, informative case evaluation. To speak with an attorney at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC, contact us at 800-375-6186 or by e-mail.


Let us do a FREE Confidential Case Review. We can make the Wright difference.

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