Differential Pressure Hazards in Commercial Diving

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Louisiana Commercial Diving Accident Lawyers Experienced in Differential Pressure Hazards in Diving Cases

Commercial divers are aware of the deadly potential of differential pressure hazards, which are locations in the water where high pressure and low pressure meet. A diver can face irresistible suction that pulls him or her into a vessel’s thrusters or propellers, or into underwater structures or machinery such as those associated with pumps and pipelines.

Failures to recognize and avoid differential pressure hazards account for an unfortunate number of serious diving injuries and diving deaths. Amputations and crush injuries occur in some such traumatic events, and the forces involved can make extraction and rescue efforts in entrapment cases impossible.

Experienced Attorneys for Injured Commercial Divers and Grieving Families

From Lafayette, differential pressure hazards and commercial diving accident attorneys at our firm have recovered many millions of dollars in compensation for victims of decompression injuries and other catastrophic consequences of offshore negligence. No case is too complex or challenging for our dedicated maritime injury lawyers.

We have the knowledge and resources to conclusively determine accident causes and liability — along with the decades of negotiating and trial experience needed to assert your rights under the Jones Act and other applicable laws.

Turn to Caring, Skilled Gulf of Mexico Diver Injury Lawyers

If you know or believe a diving accident was caused by failure to account for differential pressure hazards, you can turn to Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC with confidence. We drive for fair, efficient settlements but stand always prepared for trial litigation if needed to secure and improve our clients’ futures.

To schedule a free initial consultation, please contact our differential hazards pressure lawyers at 800-375-6186 or by e-mail.


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