Louisiana Unfair Trade Practice Attorneys

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Louisiana Unfair Trade Practice Attorneys Provide Civil Litigation Services for Business Clients Across the State

Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards LLC, provides experienced, effective litigation services for Louisiana businesses involved in disputes and lawsuits related to unfair trade practices.

If your business is competing with another business that has breached a contract or agreement, is violating your intellectual property rights or engaging in illegal or defamatory marketing — or if you have been accused of engaging in unfair trade practices — call our experienced Louisiana unfair trade practice attorneys and let’s discuss your circumstances.

Stop The Dispute Before It Becomes A Lawsuit

If you are involved in a dispute, or sense a dispute on the horizon, don’t wait to find out what will happen next. Discuss your unique challenges with us.

We are experienced negotiators and will work aggressively to find a solution that will not require a costly court battle, if possible. Often, unfair trade practices arise out of a misunderstanding or lack of knowledge about laws and ethics. We will begin working to resolve the issue right away.

Experienced Consumer Protection Law Lawyers

We also litigate on behalf of consumers who have been taken advantage of by false advertising or have lost money because of breach of contract in a sales or service agreement or warranty.

From offices in Lafayette, Louisiana, our business litigation attorneys represent businesses involved in unfair trade practices issues anywhere in Louisiana. Call us from anywhere in the United States at 800-375-6186 or reach us by email to arrange a free consultation with one of our experienced Louisiana unfair trade practice lawyers. Our firm has been practicing law in Louisiana for over 60 years.

We offer a free case evaluation and handle many types of commercial and civil litigation matters on a contingency fee basis. If we accept your case on contingency, you will not pay attorneys’ fees if we cannot help you recover compensation in a settlement or jury verdict.


Let us do a FREE Confidential Case Review. We can make the Wright difference.

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