Louisiana Business Litigation Attorneys

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Louisiana Business Litigation Attorneys Counseling Business Leaders and Corporations

Individuals are often victims of wrongful conduct of another individual or business. Likewise, businesses can be damaged by the wrongful conduct of another business.

If your business is the unfortunate victim of a breach of contract, unfair trade practice or monopolistic practice, we may be able to seek justice for your business. Also, our trial experience is invaluable in negotiating and reviewing contracts before they are signed.

Early Action Can Prevent Business Disputes

The old adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, often bears true in business dealings. If a problem develops or you believe that your business is the victim of a wrongful business practice that is unethical, deceptive, or involves a misrepresentation of fact, we can evaluate and give you sound legal advice with regard to business litigation.

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Please call toll-free from anywhere in the United States at 800-375-6186 to discuss the details of your case or reach us by email. Our main office is located in Lafayette, Louisiana.


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