Louisiana Production Platform Accident Lawyers

Louisiana Production Platform Accident Lawyers for Injured Oil & Gas Workers in the Gulf South

It takes Louisiana Production Platform Accident Lawyers to help you navigate the waters if you’ve been injured on a Louisiana production platform. Generally, maritime law does not govern the rights of most workers hurt on a fixed platform working in the oil & gas industry on the Outer Continental Shelf of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act mandates (subject to a few exceptions) that the substantive law of the adjacent state controls the rights of most persons injured on fixed platforms in offshore injuries.

Often such person’s only right will be to collect workers’ compensation benefits pursuant to the Longshore & Harborworkers’ Compensation Act, because with rare exception, a platform worker cannot sue his own employer for its negligence in causing his injury.

However, if there was third party fault or perhaps a defective product or unreasonably dangerous structure, then a tort (damage) claim may be available to the injured party in addition to his compensation benefits.

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